The Data Mining Group

(Left to right: Mattia Cerrato, Marius Köppel, Cedric Derstroff, Hakan Lane, Tony Hauptmann, Lukas Pensel, Kirsten Köbschall, Stefan Kramer, Kiara Stempel, Julia Siekiera, Derian Boer, Jannis Brugger)

Upcoming events:

  • The lecture series Ringvorlesung "Transparenz, Datensicherheit & Co.: Umsetzbare Anforderungen an KI-Systeme?" will be closed on 18th of June with a lecture by Prof. Stefan Kramer with a conclusion and an outlook, followed by a presentation of the practical perspective by Prof. Steffen Staab, University of Stuttgart.
  • On the 20th of June the summer party of institute of computer science will take place on the meadows in front of the institute building (Staudingerweg 9, 55128 Mainz).

Current activities:

  • We warmly welcome Federico Peiretti from the University of Turin, Italy, as a visting PhD student in the data mining group from 1st of May until 31st of August.

Current Presentations and Publications

  • The Ringvorlesung "Transparenz, Datensicherheit & Co.: Umsetzbare Anforderungen an KI-Systeme?" started this semester, organised by the TOPML project, and was opened on the 30th of April by a talk from Prof. Stefan Kramer. He highlighted the necessity of non-functional requirements for AI systems and the practical perspective as well as the research approach of TOPML. On the 14th of May Dr. Mattia Cerrato gave a lecture on various practical and theoretical examples to illustrate fairness in AI.
    In addition, the following lectures were presented::

  • Our paper Differentially Private Sum-Product Networks, which is a joint work of Xenia Heilmann, Mattia Cerrato and Ernst Althaus has been accepted at the 41st International Conference On Machine Learning (ICML), Vienna, Austria.

We enjoyed participating in the following past events:

  • On the 23rd of April, Prof. Stefan Kramer and Prof. Katharina von der Wense were the AI experts at the round table in the Kakadu bar, Mainz, following the science fiction opera Humanoid in the state theatre of Mainz, Germany. Humanoid narrates the relationship between humans and technology and the discussion afterwards went beyond questions such as "Can artificial intelligence develop consciousness?", "Where is the boundary between human and machine?" and "Do only humans have the right to a self-determined existence?".
  • Just like every year, we happily greeted curious and interested young girls for another exciting Girls' Day to the "Abenteuer Informatik: Informatik wörtlich begreifen" on the 25th of April. With organizational support from the Ada Lovelace project, we were able to offer an interesting insight into the world of computer science.
  • On the 29th and 30th of April the workshop "KI als Chance oder Risiko: von Grundlagen und Anwendungen bis hin zu Herausforderungen" was successfully held by PhD students from the TOPML project and organized with Q+. In this hands-on workshop practical examples were used to teach the basics of AI and discuss current chances and risks associated with its application.

Other highlights:

  • On the 3rd of May we welcomed Blake VanBerlo from the University of Waterloo, Canada, for great discussions.
  • We were pleased to welcome Dr. Stefan Kuhn, University of Tartu, Estonia, from June 3rd to 9th.