Talk by Dr. Claudia Schon

Stereotypes in Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence systems are used in many areas and support among other things decision-making processes (e.g. in checking creditworthiness or assessing the probability of a criminal returning to crime). It is precisely these systems that one wishes to be free of prejudice. Unfortunately, however, this does not always correspond to reality. But to what extent do AI systems show prejudice in general and gender bias in particular? The talk focuses on the area of Commonsense Reasoning, which finds an application in the field of automatic assistants such as Siri and Alexa, and considers the question of how prejudice can be measured in this area.


Dr. Claudia Schon is a Klara-Marie-Faßbinder-Gastprofessor at TH Bingen.

The talk will take place on the 31.01.20 at 14:00 in room 05-514.

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