Our short paper "Ranking Creative Language Characteristics in Small Data Scenarios" has been accepted at ICCC’22

Our short paper "Ranking Creative Language Characteristics in Small Data Scenarios", which is a joint work of Julia Siekiera, Marius Köppel, Edwin Simpson, Kevin Stowe, Iryna Gurevych, Stefan Kramer has been accepted at ICCC'22.



The ability to rank creative natural language provides an important general tool for downstream language understanding and generation. However, current deep ranking models require substantial amounts of labeled data that are difficult and expensive to obtain for new domains, languages and creative characteristics. A recent neural approach, DirectRanker, reduces the amount of training data needed but has not previously been used to rank creative text. We therefore adapt DirectRanker to provide a new deep model for ranking creative language with small numbers of training instances, and compare it with a Bayesian approach, Gaussian process preference learning (GPPL), which was previously shown to work well with sparse data. Our experiments with short creative language texts show the effectiveness of DirectRanker even with small training datasets. Combining DirectRanker with GPPL outperforms the previous state of the art on humor and metaphor novelty tasks, increasing Spearman's ρ by 25% and 29% on average. Furthermore, we provide a possible application to validate jokes in the process of creativity generation.